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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Photo Book

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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

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Thursday, November 17, 2011

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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Mimi and Pops came in to celebrate Christmas last weekend. We had a great time and always appreciate the extra hands!

Ella Kate thinks it's all about her (surprise!)
I'm learning to love little kid activities! How about this card of Frosties ready to be colored!
and my big gift- new sunglasses!
I've never had a "nice" pair b/c I tend to beat them up. I just get the $5 ones from Target. Chris surprised me with these, and I love them. I do feel like a movie star!
Of course, Ella Kate had to model my new "movie stars," too. I think they look just as good on her as me!
Getting ready for Christmas, still gotta find the perfect place to hang those stockings since we're afraid they'd melt above the fire place!

Ella Kate and Olivia

We watch Olivia almost every day, but when she got to Smart Toys to see this live Olivia she was more interested in the toys- go figure!

Last day of Soccer Shots

Ella Kate and her man, Fenn

Big hugs!

Easter egg dressed up like a soccer ball. It became a "baby" soccer ball and we all had to be very careful around it :)

Geez, she's growing up so fast! Look back at these same pictures from this summer and she looks so much taller!

Wow, my baby is turning into a little kid!

Big week for Amelia
This week we noticed several new things in Amelia's motor development. How she had time to develop any motor skills I'll never know- until just recently she's spent all her time swaddled like a straight jacket and fussing when she's not!
Here she's following her mobile as it goes round and round. She's becoming more tolerant of sitting still and un-swaddled. Baby steps!

Kinda sitting up, and not crying at the moment!

Holding the rattle! She tracks objects as we move them slowly in front of her. She can also turn her head toward voices. She's a genius for sure!
Better body control, too. Super Baby!
Look at her holding that little round head up!
Showing Abbey the ornaments. Abbey was very excited, can't you tell?
Topping the tree with Daddy.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Vinson Christmas Card 2010

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Saturday, December 4, 2010

Holiday Festivities and Christmas Card Pictures

We are getting into the swing of the Holiday Season! Ella Kate is at an age where she can enjoy and appreciate the Christmas festivities and the cold weather rolling in just adds to the ambiance. Here are some shots from this weekend. Yesterday we took some family shots in front of the tree on Market Square. Maybe one will make it to our Christmas card, so if you see it again in your mailbox just smile and look surprised! After our photo shoot we went over to the skating rink. Chris was so excited to see how Ella Kate would enjoy it, I was worried that she would hate it and cry. Should've known our little dare devil would LOVE it- even when she fell down! It's a good thing there's an ice skating rink right next to our house, I see this becoming a regular thing!

Mommy and her girls
Possible Christmas card shots. Got any opinions?
We intend to use Shutterfly for our cards again. We have used them almost every year since Chris and I have been together. I should put up a little montage of our past cards- I'll work on that! Anyway, click here to check out their unique card options. I love the card stock ones and especially the folded ones, but since we send out so many we usually do a photo card because they are so affordable in large quantities. In case you're wondering why I sound like an add for Shutterfly, I am! They have a promo going on for some free Christmas cards, and we could certainly use that! This year we've mailed out Ella Kate's birthday cards, Amelia's birth announcements, and enough thank you notes to keep the USPS in business even on Saturdays!
Another option for all these great pictures is to make a calendar, which we've done in the past as well. I'm planning to do it again this year if I can get it organized soon enough. They also do photo books, which I just got introduced to. They are SO easy to put together. Easy to upload pictures from your computer, phone, or even facebook! The designs are simple and look nice- it will even arrange the photos in the book for you if you choose! I will definitely be using it again.
Uncle Joe with his niece. Well, one of his nieces- he's got three now! I'm thinking he won't have any nephews- girls are ruling this generation. I think that's plenty fair since in our generation I am the only girl! I've got 2 brothers and 5 boy cousins. Even all the second cousins are boys! The next girl wasn't born until I was 6 years old, but since then there have been almost nothing but girls. Crazy, huh?
Chris and Ella Kate ice skating. She LOVED it and he so loved taking her. She's so little they didn't have skates for her, she just buckled those little training blades to her shoes. SO precious! She wasn't a bit awkward just walked right out on the ice. She held Chris's hand for the first half of a lap- after that she kept trying to shake his hand away and said "I do it by myself!" By the end of the first lap she was even trying to dance to the music. She was very upset when we had to leave to go watch the parade. I promised her we'd go again- maybe I'll even venture out on the ice with her!
This is Amelia dancing to the music- ha! Seriously, though, the music was so loud you would have thought she'd be screaming the whole time, but no, she was out (until she got hungry!).
Ella Kate and Uncle Joe. Funny that she looks down to see if she's managed to cover his eyes. She loves that!
This morning we went to church to have breakfast with Santa. Ella Kate enjoyed having her face painted by Callie- a candy cane with a bow.
And handing out candy canes to other friends.
Making a beaded snowflake with Ms. Lauren.
Decorating a goody bag with Mommy
Showing off her stickers
Showing her art work to Amelia.
Describing her goody bag art work to Amelia (a whole conversation!).
Here's Amelia posing in the same outfit Ella Kate wore for her first Christmas. So fun :)
Telling Santa what she wanted for Christmas
She said a baby Barbie. What she meant was a baby doll and a Barbie. Good to know!
Both girls with Santa- no one crying! We've been really lucky with all our Santa shots-- none have had that traditional crying kid!
Another shot of me wearing Amelia. She really likes it!